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These pieces are from a collection called “Ode to F.” She writes about the collection:

“F. was my grandmother. She was a strong, active and very central person in my family. I loved her very much. She had lived through hard times, many sorrows as well as joy, and still had a good life. Her home was a meeting place for people in the village and there was always someone hanging around, sometimes as a long-term stay but also just coming by to say hello. F. was a dedicated social democrat and loved Olof Palme and has their sign, the rose, on her tombstone.
F. liked to redecorate her home, but she only had things that were useful. Things that were given to her she really tried hard to find use for, but if it didn´t succeed she gave them away.
When we were shopping she was concerned about everything she was buying. Looking at china she was always looking at the bottom side to check the quality.

When she died there only left the things she used for her everyday life – no nostalgia, nothing gathered and left. ”

Here you find more images from the collection as well as more of her work.


Sifia Björkman is part of the Gallery Platina – find more about her here.

Photo by Dorte Krogh.

Thank you so much Annette for sending me these images of jewellery with the keyword “my grandmother”. Make sure also to take a look at her webpage.

Previous blog-post (here and here) about Annette Dickow Munch.

Susanne Klemm website.

I received these amazing pieces of jewellery – thanks Susanne for sending the images to me. I think I will post some more by Susanne Klemm the following days. Until then take a look at her website. 

I have received these amazing pieces of work from Katja Prins – thank you so much for sending it to me.

Here is her website – with more information and images of her work.

She alwo send me her statement: “My work is about the (intimate) relationship between human bodies and mechanic devices, (medical) technology and industry.

With my work I want to tell stories about the body, the body as an
instrument, as a machine – instruments/machines as extensions of the body.

I’m also fascinated by the way we manipulate our bodies.
These days our body is something we can change, sculpt.
Our body as an extension of our mind, always in relationship with its surroundings and environment.
After all, Man, more in particular his body, is the measure of all things.

One story leads to another – I always start with ideas, shapes and atmospheres and while I’m working, the piece comes into existence.
In this manner, my work is a constant switch between rationale and intuition.

My ambition is that people will discover their own stories through my work, therefore I steer clear of too many explanations and clarifications.
Shapes and materials are never unequivocal and one can interpret them in different ways.”

I think you already know – Kasia is among my absolute favourite jewellers…. Therefore I will show a little more of her amazing world… The rings and the brooch (at the two first images) are inspired by bamboo.

Visit Kasia Gasparskis  website and gallery/workshop “Guldkompagniet” in Kompagnistræde 25, Copenhagen K.

Tobias Alm website.

At her website Mia writes about herself: In my jewellery artwork, I capture moments from my daily life in the form of physical objects that can be worn by others. I record subtle spaces in plaster. They are physical expressions of feelings and experiences with that which I use everyday. I reflect on simple common objects such as my bedpost, the doorknob of my favorite café, plastic spoons from the local ice cream shop, visits with a friend, or the touch between a mother and a child. Yet each one defines the horizon of an emotional landscape that I experience daily. I cast my own body and the bodies of friends and family. Each piece has captured a moment of my life, and has a means by which I can connect and reconnect to others.

Lucia Massei was Born in Pisa, Italy. She obtained a high school diploma in Jewellery design at the State Art Institute of Florence in 1981. She graduated with a degree ( M. A. ) in Fine Arts and Painting at the Accademy of Fine Arts of Florence in 1985. She is co-founder and director of ” ALCHIMIA ” Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence since 1998 (more about Lucia Massei here). Here is her website.

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