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Here you find her website.


Photo by Dorte Krogh

Thank you so much Annette for sending me these images. I really like your idea with the wedding rings where the couple put their fingerprints in the rings. Take a look at her webpage.

Previous blog-post about Annette Dickow Munch.

Look – I received these amazing images from Frida Åberg – take a look. You can see more images and read about Frida Åberg at her website. She also writes a blog.

At her website she writes about her work:

“Frida Åberg’s expression combines poetic value with romantic memories.

The material and tactical qualities of her jewellery reveal strong intent and judgement and a most sensitive approach to making.

The beauty of her jewellery lives in the space between the inner and outer expression of the object. The pieces are created around a feeling. Hidden memories materialise into objects that simultaneously appear to be fragile and immortal, and behold a strangeness that will capture the viewer.”

Ruudt Peters lives and works in Amsterdam- Stockholm- Ravenstein. Find much more interesting work at his website.

Anne Lene Løvhaug lives in Oslo, Norway – I suggest you visit her website.

She writes about herself: I am an goldsmith and jewellery artist who has been using textile techniques and materials for
a long time. I have concentrated in particular on crochet, which is a technique that allows me to
construct form in an almost organic way. I associate crochet with peace, care, industriousness and
traditional women’s occupations. In using crochet as a technique, I am incorporating these values
into my own work. Read more…

Naval Pendant 1, 2009, latex paint, nylon, powder coated coper, silver chain

Phona-form brooch 1, 2009, iron wire, silver solder, latex paint, nail polish, tape, sterling silver

electroformed copper, latex glove, paint

You find more of her work at her website and at the Mar de color rosa blog.

Today I will show you something you might call jewellery for the table. It is so beautiful and fantastic. The other evening I had the pleasure to drink wine from one of the flamingo glasses… and it was just amazing. You find more work by Gitte Bjørn at her website.

Ela Bauer has studied at the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam.

See more at her website







Meiri Ishida lives and work in Tokyo, Japan. Has studied at ALCHIMIA Contemporary jewellery school in Italy.

“I find the door to the creative world from the familiar things in my daily life.
The doors are opening in the grass,On the face of the dog passing by my side,In a crying baby’s voice,In the open window and on my face in the mirror.
The place inside of these doors is very deep and I feel the existence of a parallel world here.”

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