Amy Tavern received her BFA in Metal Design from the University of Washington in 2002. She also holds a BA in Arts Administration from the State University of New York College at Fredonia. More about Amy Tavern…

You find her at her website and her blog.


The rings are made by Greenlandic Gold

Anne is a Danish goldsmith living in Valby. You find more images at her website.

Jo Pond website

Visiting Island was a great inspiration, liking horses another. The necklace is made of a red cotton string with glass perls and the horse is made of Sterling silver.

You are also welcome to take a look at the other pieces of jewellery that I have made. Here the necklace with cocobolo wood and the 3 rings made by silver casting.

The new Craft Collection 14. by Danish Crafts is on it’s way… and one of the selected jewellers is Kasia Gasparski with her new wedding rings.

Take a look at Kasia Gasparski’s website and see the previous Craft Collections here.

Kasia was also part of the Craft Collection 13. with her Pippi’s Choice necklaces (see previous blog post).

Ute Kolar’s website.

Find more of Peter Bauhuis work at his website.

Anne Lene Løvhaug lives in Oslo, Norway – I suggest you visit her website.

She writes about herself: I am an goldsmith and jewellery artist who has been using textile techniques and materials for
a long time. I have concentrated in particular on crochet, which is a technique that allows me to
construct form in an almost organic way. I associate crochet with peace, care, industriousness and
traditional women’s occupations. In using crochet as a technique, I am incorporating these values
into my own work. Read more…

You find more of Ruth Tomlinson’s work at her website as well as on other blogs e.g. .amy tarven. The below picture is from Designersponge.

Naval Pendant 1, 2009, latex paint, nylon, powder coated coper, silver chain

Phona-form brooch 1, 2009, iron wire, silver solder, latex paint, nail polish, tape, sterling silver

electroformed copper, latex glove, paint

You find more of her work at her website and at the Mar de color rosa blog.

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