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Emma Fielden is a contemporary gold and silversmith. In 2006 she completed an Advance Diploma in Jewellery and Object Design at the Design Centre Enmore and was subsequently awarded the 2007 Jewellery and Object Design Award Residency. Since graduating, Emma has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions and in 2009 received the Buda Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society (Melbourne) Award.

annadee, Australia

Fantastic Mr Fox - yes, he swings by annadee, Australia

Coo-Eee. Look whos peeking over the tree tops by annadee, Australia

Coo-Eee. Look who's peeking over the tree tops by annadee, Australia

Annadee (Anna Davern) is from Australia… see more of these amazing little pieces of art at her blog or her website

Carlier Makigawa

Carlier Makigawa

The pieces are described like this; ‘A spiritual and private space. Ritual object, jewellery. Linear structures appear fragile and monumental to cradle the internal spirit. They appear to float in space, hovering, penetrating, a temporary existence. Nature is the reference, and the geometry of nature and architecture inform this world.’ See more at Gallery Funaki.

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