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I just received this image of new work by Katja Prins – thanks Katja for sending it to me. The necklace is called “Bound By Blood” and has it’s own story:

“This necklace brings together and mixes various prayer-necklaces, which only differ in detail.
Prayerbeads are being used in several religions and they all have their own systematical design.
The beads stands for the different prayers and by following the beads you can count and can’t loose track while you are praying.
The Roman-Catholic church has the ‘rosary”, the Islam has the “tespi”, Buddhism (Nichiren) has the “juzu” and Tibethan Buddism has the “mala”.

Nowadays we are living in a time of globalization.
Worldwide people are connecting more and more, not only economically, but also politically and culturally.
Borders are fading and people travel and migrate more than ever. Out of that comes integration of different cultures and religions.
Partly because of the not always so very successful integration-policy of many countries, extremism in certain religions also flourishes, conflicts arise.
With my interpretation of the prayer-necklace I want to bring together all prayer-necklaces and make 1 out of it all.
A contemporary blood red prayer necklace.
In my opinion the religions don’t differ so much from one another, they differ mostly in details.
That’s what I want to show with this necklace.
By bringing together all the prayerbeads, symbolically I want to bring together the different religions and with that the people.
The title “Bound by Blood” stands for the idea that on the inside we are all the same.
It also refers to the many wars (and with that the shedding of a lot of blood) that have been fought in the name of religion. ”

Find more at her website.


Here you find her website.

Susanne Klemm website.

I received these amazing pieces of jewellery – thanks Susanne for sending the images to me. I think I will post some more by Susanne Klemm the following days. Until then take a look at her website. 

I have received these amazing pieces of work from Katja Prins – thank you so much for sending it to me.

Here is her website – with more information and images of her work.

She alwo send me her statement: “My work is about the (intimate) relationship between human bodies and mechanic devices, (medical) technology and industry.

With my work I want to tell stories about the body, the body as an
instrument, as a machine – instruments/machines as extensions of the body.

I’m also fascinated by the way we manipulate our bodies.
These days our body is something we can change, sculpt.
Our body as an extension of our mind, always in relationship with its surroundings and environment.
After all, Man, more in particular his body, is the measure of all things.

One story leads to another – I always start with ideas, shapes and atmospheres and while I’m working, the piece comes into existence.
In this manner, my work is a constant switch between rationale and intuition.

My ambition is that people will discover their own stories through my work, therefore I steer clear of too many explanations and clarifications.
Shapes and materials are never unequivocal and one can interpret them in different ways.”

Lucy Sarneel says about her work: “To me a jewel represents a place in the world in which one can loose oneself like in the sparkling of a diamond or the carefull observation of little plants or moss.
The alienation that results from the competition between ‘the natural’ and the ‘artificial’ is an aspect I try to give form to in my jewels.
Allthough a jewel is a small object it can be a world of thoughts.” The above text and images are from this website.

Below are two images from the blog

Take a look at her website. I have found this website that displays some of her images in a larger size – so that you can see more of the details.

Haunted by 36 Women… more at his website.

Ruudt Peters lives and works in Amsterdam- Stockholm- Ravenstein. Find much more interesting work at his website.

Ela Bauer has studied at the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam.

See more at her website

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